Plakias Sunset Trip


This trip, which scheduled during the evening, combines a ride with the view of the breath-taking sunset in Plakias bay. Starting from the horse riding center in Damnoni, the riders follow a path through olive groves and meadows of flowers, pass through the Damnoni settlement and slope up to the small hill located between the Plakias and Damnoni beaches (the hill with the antennas). From there, the riders can enjoy not only a peaceful or active ride but also the amazing view of the beach of Damnoni looking to their left and the breath-taking panoramic view of the Plakias bay, the villages of Myrthios and Sellia and the sunset looking to their right.

  • Price: 40€ per person, for 1,5 hour ride    Get a Ride

This trip offers a breath-taking panoramic view of the sunset in the Plakias Bay.

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