Plakias Beach Trip


Starting from the horse riding center in Damnoni, the riders are heading west with direction to Plakias beach. The riders follow a path through flowers and olive groves where they can enjoy the flora and fauna of south Crete as well as the view to the Plakias beach. Eventually they will reach the central beach of Plakias which is about 1.4 km long.

The riders can try a slow or active ride in the sandy beach beside the waves and enjoy the panoramic view of the bay of Plakias, the villages Myrthios and Sellia located on the hills above Plakias, and the mountains around.

  • Price: 55€ per person, for 1,5-2 hour ride    Get a Ride

This riding trip on the beach of Plakias, the olive groves, or the surrounding mountains is amazing and very picturesque. The scenery with it's beautiful flora and fauna is very beautiful to take at an easy pace, but also suitable for active riding.

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