Our personnel

Plakias Horse Riding Center is very proud of our people. Our personnel is competent and multilingual. They love our animals so much and they are very sensitive to improve the welfare of all our animals in Plakias Horse Riding Center their training and their accomodation. Apart from this, they have lots of experience in guiding trails and teaching, and will provide you with an enjoyable and safe ride/lesson.

Nikos Vardakis

  • Chief Executive Officer - Founder

Nikos is the owner, founder and director of the Plakias Horse Riding Center. His first contact with the horse occurred during his early childhood when he met an abandoned horse in the area of Plakias. Nikos started taking care of it and finally "adopted" the horse by taking it under his protection. Then, he acquired a second one to live together with his first horse (horses are known to live in herds). Τhese horses were living in peace in the area of Plakias and enjoying the intense interest and love of the people (not only the locals but also the visitors of the area during the summer). It was very impressive.

Nikos's great love for the horses and the keen interest of the people about them, led him to the decision to establish the Horse Riding Center in Plakias. As a result, both local people and visitors have the oportunity to know this gentle animal, to join into the horseback riding lessons that organized in the Horse Riding Center, and enjoy amazing horse riding trips in the countryside and the beautiful beaches of the area.

Kostas Sklavidakis

  • Certified Horse Trainer - Coatch of the Athlete Riding Team

Kostas is a certified horse trainer with a Jockey Diploma and Coatch Diploma from the General Secretariat of Sports. He has many distinctions at national and international athletic races (1.00, 1.10, 1.15 and 1.5 meters). Kostas is also the founder and owner of the Paiania Horse Riding Center.

Kostas has been working with us in Plakias Horse Riding Center since 2014, as a horse trainer and the coach of the athletic equestrian team of Plakias.

Barbara Kronsteiner

  • Trainer, Trips Companion

Barbara is coming from Austia, but she lives in Crete for 29 years. She has married in Crete and she has one beautiful child. She works in Plakias Horse Riding Center since 2005, as a horse trainer, specialized in children from 4 years old and she will be your guide in the riding tours.

She speaks fluently english, greek and german.