Horseback Riding Lessons for Adults and Children

One of the features of Plakias Horse Riding Center is riding lessons for children and adults, beginners, intermediate and advanced riders.

Our initial objective was to give our clients a good start with their acquaintance with horses. But since 2014, Plakias Horse Riding Center operates as an athletic equestrian center and offers advanced horseback riding lessons for dressage and jumping.


  • Type: private lessons from experienced personnel
  • Duration: 30-minute lessons or 1-2 week programmes
  • Tours: Week programmes include some of the riding tours
  • Equipment: english or western saddles, caps
  • Clothing: comfortable, sensible shoes

Price List

Lessons Childen < 10 years old Teens and Adults
1 20€ 25€
4 60€ 70€
8 100€ 120€
12 139€ 170€
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The initial lessons are on the longe and we work on getting a safe seat and a good balance. After this you learn the basic riding techniques. During these lessons you will also learn about the animal itself. In this way, the riders do get confident in the saddle, in themselves and in the horse. Grooming lessons are also included. More advanced riders are guided by the instructor on a level that is suited to their experience.
All lessons are private, so the rider gets the instructors undivided attention. Lessons are 30 minutes.
Suggested Clothing: Anything comfortable that's not too tight, long trousers and preferably shoes with a heel.

Plakias Horse Riding Center has a menagerie with horses specialized on riding lessons (Laertis, Solo, Remus) and some athletic horses (Serios, Vaisa) that have participated and won in many athletic equestrian races (1.20m - 1.4m).

Horse Riding Special Programs (1-2 Weeks)

Our clients can also join to one of our special horse riding programs for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. These programs that combine horse riding lessons and riding trips arround the amazing countryside of Plakias have a duration of one (1) week, and include optionally accommodation services.

The special programs can be extended for one (1) more week. The riding trips of the second week will be specified according to the jockeys' preferences.

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