Our donkeys

An alternatibe way to get the real Cretan feeling is a ride on a donkey. Our menagerie consists of 20 beautiful donkeys. Donkeys are very gentle animals and offer a very peaceful ride. These tours are ideal for children and light adults.

Donkeys were very popular in Greece untils the end of 60's. Each family, lived in the countryside, had it's own donkey that mainly used for movings and agricultural activities. Unfortunately, in our days donkey is a species on the brink of extinction.

Donkey is a very gentle and patient animal and offers a very peachful ride. Our guests from Europe, get surprised and live an unforgotten experience when choosing a donkey ride !!!

Special attention is also given to our donkeys !! In co-operation with G.A.W.F. (operating as Animal Action in Greece), Plakias Horse Riding Center hosts and takes care of many other donkeys of the area that are very old or impotent. Some of them have completely recovered and they escort our guests in their donkey riding trips.

Our Donkeys