Damnoni-Amoudi Beach Trip


This trip takes the riders to an amazing ride beside the sea, with direction to Damnoni and Ammoudi beaches. Starting from the horse riding center, the riders follow a path through flowers and olive groves with direction to Damnoni beach. During this short path they can enjoy the flora and fauna of south Crete as well as the view to the Damnoni beach. By arriving at the beach, the riders will try a ride in the sandy beach beside the waves.

Then, they ride to the east and follow a path beside the sea, towards to Ammoudi Beach. The view of the coast of southern Crete and the Libyan Sea is fantastic. After exploring the Ammoudi Beach, the riders take the way back, where they can discern the top of the White Mountains (usually with snow until June) and enjoy the view of the small mountains around Plakias.

  • Price: 40€ per person, for 1,5 hour ride    Get a Ride

This trip offers panoramic view to the southern coast of Crete, and riders follow beautiful paths and enjoy the beauty and variety of nature in the region.

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