Horseback Riding in Crete for Adults and Children

Plakias Horse Riding Center invites you to enjoy peaceful horse riding amongst the small hills and olive groves as well as the beautiful beaches of Plakias, in the south coast of Crete.


  • Type: guided tours with experienced personnel
  • Tours: 11 different riding tours
  • Duration: 1-4 hours
  • Equipment: english or western saddles, caps
  • Clothing: comfortable, sensible shoes


  • 25 - 100€ per person, depending on the trip
  • 15 - 25€ per children, depending on the children program
  • additional 10 € per person, for each 30 min. extra riding

Get a Ride

The horseback riding tours vary in length and can take one to four hours, depending on the pace that we ride and the terrain. In the high season we ride early in the morning and in the early evening due to the excessive heat, that is hard on rider as well as horse. Beach rides will start as early as 8 o'clock in the morning. When you arrive at the stable your horses will be tacked up and ready to go. Intermediate or advanced riders can ride the horses themselves. For the beginners, the bridles of the horse are kept by the guides.

  • Special Equipment: We do ride using english saddles, but there's 2 western saddles available for those who prefer this. Caps are required for your safety and will be provided by us.
  • Suggested Clothing: Anything comfortable that's not too tight, long trousers. On the longer rides one may have to lead the horse from time to time, so sensible shoes are required.
  • All the horseback riding tours are guided. Our personnel is highly experienced in guiding tours and will watch out for our guests safety and well-being, and will try to give them an unforgettable and amazing ride.

Riding Tours

Our guests can select one or more of the following riding tours:

All the riding tours on the beaches of Plakias, the olive groves, or the surrounding mountains are amazing and very picturesque. The scenery with it's beautiful flora and fauna is very enjoyable to take at an easy pace,but also suitable for active riding.