Donkey Riding in Crete for Adults and Children

Another way to get the real Cretan feeling is a ride on a donkey. Donkeys are very gentle animals and offer a very peaceful ride. These tours are ideal for children and light adults.

Donkeys were very popular in Greece untils the end of 60's. Each family, lived in the countryside, had it's own donkey that mainly used for movings and agricultural activities. Unfortunately, in our days donkey is a species on the brink of extinction. Donkey is a very gentle and patient animal and offers a very peachful ride. Our guests from Europe, get surprised and live an unforgotten experience when choosing a donkey ride !!!


  • Type: guided or non-guided tours
  • Riding Tours: 5 different riding tours
  • Duration: 30 minutes - 4 hours
  • Requirements: for children (older than 4 years) or light adults
  • Clothing: comfortable clothing, sensible shoes


  • 20€/donkey, 30-min guided children small ride
  • 20€/donkey, 1-hour non-guided tour
  • 30€/donkey, 1-hour guided tour (Mountains or Damnoni Ride)
  • 40€/donkey, 3-hour guided tour (Mirthios or Mariou village)
  • 55/donkey, 5-hour guided tour (Old Mill)
  • Extra 1/2 hour

Get a Ride

The donkey rides maybe guided or non-guided. In the guided tours, our guests ride the donkeys, and our personnel lead the riding group on foot. The duration of the guided tours can be about 30 minutes up to 4 hours. In the non-guided tours you can go out toward the mountains for an hour or longer. In this case, the parents will lead the donkey while the children ride. It's desirable that they have a little riding experience. We will give you a route description and detailed information about the visiting area as well as the appropriate equipment.

In many cases, our donkeys are requested to participate in traditional greek weddings and other cultural events.

Donkey Riding Tours

Our guests can select one or more of the following riding tours:

All the riding tours on the beaches of Plakias, the olive groves, or the surrounding mountains are amazing and very picturesque. The scenery with it's beautiful flora and fauna is very enjoyable to take at an easy pace,but also suitable for active riding.