Athletic Equestrian Team of Plakias

Since 2014, Plakias Horse Riding Center operates as an Athletic Center that gives advanced horseback riding lessons and prepares athletes to participate in pan-cretan and national equestrian races.


In the Atletic Equestrian Team of Plakias, athletes can receive advanced horseback riding lessons for dressage and jumping from Mr. Konstantinos Sklavidakis, a certified coatch with many distinctions at national and international athletic races.

The lessons can be private or in small groups in order to cultivate the collaboration and the competition among the athletes.

The athletes can participate in horse riding shows, games, and athletic equestrian races in Crete and Greece.

Plakias Horse Riding Center has built a strong relationship with other athletic equestrian centers in Crete in order to organize team-training among the different athletic teams, as well as to co-organize many athletic equestrian events and races.

Our athletes